“From the alone to the alone, of the dark night of the soul and of the final ecstasy in which the creature becomes at one with the beloved” - Somerset Maugham.



           In my art I am concerned with the drawing of parallels between natural phenomena and human consciousness in order to converse about the soul of nature and the nature of the soul. The sublime experience of nature defined by the Northern Romantic tradition of painting in the 19thcentury in America and Europe contextualizes for me my position and suggests that in order to experience the landscape in terms of beautiful, awesome and powerful there must be in the work the presence of the shadow, or a malevolent force that is dangerous, violent and/or horrific. This idea of the sublime in nature is also found in our ideas about religion that we are meant to fear God because the idea of God is awesome to think about and that is humbling. Which is supposed to make us a better society. It is fear and danger that often motivates the transformation of consciousness. It can be said that during the most volatile and tumultuous times in history is when some of the best art is produced. In my paintings I attempt to I describe the primordial acts of creation existing on the edge of a great abyss. This to me is a fearful and humbling thought and one of the great mysteries that surround mans’ existence in the universe. Through the fear of our precarious position in the universe we are made aware of how special, wonderful, unique and rare life really is. It is this uncomfortable awkward presence of danger and or fear married to beauty and harmony in my work that I use to motivate the viewer out of their comfort zone of ideal ideas of safety and beauty and into an alert edgy awareness that is at times emotional and philosophical.

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